The Llano offers some of the most spectacular views of any Hill Country river. From the towering sandstone bluffs on the Martin Ranch to the beautiful granite boulder fields found downstream, the Llano is breathtaking. Largemouth, Guadalupe and Small Mouth Bass all call the Llano home, along with large populations of Bluegills and Green Sunfish. For those of you that prefer the dark side of fly fishing there are Carp, Gar and Catfish stocks second to none. The Llano offers good fishing starting in the spring and running well into the fall.

I do three main floats on the Llano, each averaging about five miles long. With a normal flow of 200 cubic feet per second, that makes for a full day fishing. Depending on recent rainfall and temperatures, some sections may fish better than others. Before each trip I check up-to-the-minute river flow and weather data to determine which areas of the river will be most productive.

Note: For more details please reference my article about the Llano in the Spring 2002 issue of Southwest Fly Fishing.

*We unfortunately can’t control the weather or fishing conditions so in order to provide the best experience possible, the river for your trip may change. Kevin will communicate any changes promptly prior to your trip.

General Information

What Is Provided:
We provide all the equipment (as needed), flies and leaders. Along with the fishing gear, we provide a full lunch, drinks and snacks. If you have special dietary needs, we can accommodate them. We also provide essentials like sunscreen and first aid items. At the end of the trip, you will be shuttled back to your vehicle. We also carry Boga Grips and cameras to record your catch so you can brag when you get back to the office. We also carry extra rods and reels in case they are needed, so you can rest assured that your day fishing will go uninterrupted.

What You Should Bring:
Bring any rain gear or cold weather clothing you think you might need. The weather here in Texas is unpredictable and things can change, so it is best to be prepared. Do not forget to bring any medication you may need during the day, and let us know if it needs special storage. For summer trips, I recommend long sleeve, quick-dry shirts and long, quick-dry pants to protect you from the Texas sun. I do not recommend sandals of any type. A good pair of felt-soled wading shoes or tennis shoes are a much better choice.

What You Should not Bring:
Leave your cell phones, pagers and expensive cameras in your car or at home. We carry cell phones for emergencies and we have cameras to record your catch. As a general rule, do not bring anything that can not get wet. Things have a way of migrating to the bottom of the boat and getting wet.

Full day pricing

$300 (single person / per day)
$450 (two people / per day)

$650 (three people / per day)

$750 (four people / per day)

Half day pricing

$225 (single person / per day)
$325 (two people / per day)

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(Gratuities are not included, but are appreciated by our hard working guides.)

Large group trips (more than four) are custom designed and are priced on a case-by-case basis. I can guarantee you that we will provide most experienced service for the best price in the Hill Country.