Hill Country Fly Fishers has partnered with Orvis Austin to offer a unique 301 experience. This trip is only available to those who’ve completed the Orvis Fly Fishing 101 and 201 classes.

Location:  Llano River, James River crossing to Martin’s crossing.  Can be found on page 82 of the 4th edition of Fly Fishing the Texas Hill Country.

What is provided:  Students will be broken into groups of 2.  Each group will be accompanied by an experienced fly fishing guide.  All groups will be floating in 14′ rafts.  Each student will be given a box of flies and leaders appropriate for the river.  A full lunch will be provided along with water, sport drinks and snacks throughout the day.  The final menu will be emailed to everyone who signs up for the trip in order to accommodate any dietary restrictions.
What students need to bring:  4 to 6 weight rod and reel with floating line.  (Guides will have extra in case of emergency.)
Long sleeve quick dry shirts and pants are recommended, along with shoes that can get wet.  
Polarized fishing glasses
Fishing hat
What NOT to bring:  personal cell phones  (If you insist on bringing a personal cell phone, you must have a water-proof container for it.  A zip lock bag is NOT a water-proof container.)
Camera (waterproof cameras are allowed)
Trip overview: This 6 mile float on the Llano river will give you a good overview of the Llano itself.  We will float through both deep and shallow areas.  We’ll fish shear bluffs along with various types of structure.  We’ll float by the iconic sandstone bluffs on Homer Martin’s ranch.  This trip will give you more experience in accurate casting and how to read the structure in the water.  You can explore the versatility of using a floating line by using varying fly weight.  The Llano has a good population of Guadalupe bass, large mouth bass and many sunfish.  For those that enjoy the dark side, there are carp and gar.  All the guides are excellent teachers and will take the time to help you with any issues you may have.  Our goal is for the student to feel more confident to fish on their own at the end of this trip.

$250 Per Angler

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